Art valuations for companies and lawyers

Vasari’s provides appraisals of artworks of any kind. 

Our valuations are usually used for: 

  • ‘fair value’ valuations for company-owned works of art (IAS/AFRS standards);
  • capital inventories;
  • insurance quotes for individual artworks and corporate collections;
  • juridical art and value related issues, inheritances and art as loan collateral.

Vasaris has conducted extensive valuations for both public and private companies and institutions, banks, foundations, luxury hotels, and legal and tax advisers. 

We provide art-valuations for a variety of purposes, ranging from the monetary quantification of a donation of old master paintings to a humanitarian foundation to very sensitive cases requiring precise assessment of art assets collateral to substantial ‘non-recourse’ loans. We have solved attribution problems for the clients of Private Wealth Management and valued large corporate collections or given on loan to a museum. We have valued the artworks in luxury hotels and resorts or the fresco decorations in world famous palaces. We also provide insurance valuations or assist in the divisions of inheritances.

For such clients, Vasaris has often been involved in solving complex and delicate art-related questions that require competence and discretion. 

Whether your activities are relatively straightforward or highly complex, our team are here to help manage all your art-related needs.