Insurance valuations of Historic Houses

Vasaris has developed a method along the years that employs a simulated "reconstruction" of an historic building for the purpose of Insurance Appraisals.  Unique in its field, this system considers all various and particular categories of the ancient buildings arts, covering the artistic, artisan craftwork and construction of these exceptional and rare buildings.

Frescoes, plasterwork, stone masonry, marble and wood flooring, boiserie, metal works, et cetera, are value-adding tangible items that are somewhat difficult to assess for insurance appraisal, however their high contribution towards what makes each and everyone of these historic buildings special and uncomparable.

Thanks to our matured experience within the insurance industry and our collaboration with restoration architects, builders, restoration companies, etc., we implemented an assessment system that simulates the cost of reconstruction of historic buildings, taking into account all the technical characteristics of construction: decorative elements, crafts work, structural and architectural components, mechanical-electrical-plumbing and special technological systems for buildings.This system effectively offers the insurance market a clear response for the need to properly assess historic buildings, allowing insurance companies to correctly identify the right coverage for these buildings types, all within a contained cost for the service.