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Master course on the legal and fiscal aspects of the International Art Market

November 10, 2017

In the context of the Master course on the legal and fiscal aspects of the International Art Market, organised by the educational organisation IPSOA, in collaboration with Bonelli Erede Lawyers, Lorenzo Bruschi lectured on the valuation techniques for works of Art.

Allianz Bank, 'Art and Market' workshop

November 6, 2017

Allianz Bank organised its second section of the Workshop on Art and Banking, on the location of the Palazzo Giureconsulti, Milan.

Lorenzo Bruschi lectured on the various aspects of professional art advisory strategies in the light of the client relationship of the private wealth management.

Vasaris for Allianz Bank

October 23, 2017

On the occasion of the first section of the Allianz Bank Workshop on Art and Banking in the Sala Terrazzo of the Palazzo Giureconsulti, Milan, Lorenzo Bruschi lectured on the techniques and implementation of Art Advisory within the general strategies of the Private Wealth Management.

Certification for works of art

October, 2017

For the Art&Law Magazine of the N-C Art Advisory section of Lawyers Studio Negri Clementi,  Milan, Lorenzo Bruschi has written an article on the relevance and management of certifications and documentation for works of art.

Master in Family Office for AIFO

25 September 2017

Master course for the Italian Association of Family Officers (AIFO) on the "Valuation methods for the artistic assets in a family collection". Lorenzo Bruschi talked about the valuations, and the next generation strategy, for artistic assets.

ART & LAW N-C Art Advisory

July, 2017

For the Art&Law Magazine (3/2017) of the N-C Art Advisory section of Lawyers Studio Negri Clementi,  Milan, Lorenzo Bruschi has written an article (chapter VIII) on the various problems and strategies involved with the valuation 

Newsletter Banca Leonardo

Interview  with Lorenzo Bruschi on the management of art collections and their rôle in the general investment planning of the private wealth management

Vasaris for the Association of Family Officer AIFO

March, 13th 2017: Vasaris contributed to the Master in Family Office organised by the Italian Association of Family Officer (AIFO). Lorenzo Bruschi curated the section dedicated to Art as an Asset Class, giving a Master on the 'Evaluation Criteria of Works of Art'.

Vasaris for the Università Cattolica, Milan 2017

On the 28th of February 2017 the Università Cattolica, Milan organised a workshop in the Aula PIO XI for students of  both the Human Science and the Economy departments, on the various economical aspects of the private and institutional art-collecting. Vasaris had been invited to introduce the section on Valuation techniques, and Roeland Kollewijn gave a lecture on the 'Objectives and Methods of the Valuation of Artistic Objects'.

Vasaris for the university Bocconi di Milano

In January 2017 the fourth book of the serie 'Art Economics’, was released by the Bocconi University in Milan, edited by Advocate Gianfranco Negri Clementi. Vasaris contributed the essay 'Values ​​and Evaluation of works of art' (Roeland Kollewijn, pp. 129-151).

RICS Specialist Valuation Conference, London

November 29 2016  Roeland Kollewijn, Vasaris specialist, has been invited to lecture on 'the valuation of Heritage Assets' at the RICS specialist valuation conference in the Kensington Close Hotel, London.

Art, and its fakes

September 26, 2016  The Italian business newspaper 'il Sole 24Ore' publishes an article by the journalist Marilena Pirelli on the problem of fakes in the art market. In an extensive interview Roeland Kollewijn, Vasaris old master specialist, comments on the various aspects of the question.

read the interview

Vasaris for AIFO

September 19 2016  Lorenzo Bruschi, Vasaris expert has lectured on 'Valuations and the art Market' for the AIFO Master class, Milan

Vasaris for AIFO (Italian Association of Family Officers)

2016   New AIFO seminar conducted by Vasaris on "Art as an Asset Class", focussing on the management of artistic assets, seen from the perspective of the Family Officer. There is a different approach to Art as an Asset, between (institutional) Private Wealth Management and (private) Family Office.

Autenticity and the Art Market

2016, May.   Interview with Vasaris' expert in Italy's leading business journal IlSole24 Ore: How to navigate between the different definitions of authenticity in auction catalogs? How can you understand the real meaning of, and the difference between, auction-descriptions of an authentic or an attributed work of art, or between a work by 'the school' or 'workshop'?

see article

Vasaris for AIPB Roundtable talks: "Next generation: the transfer of works of art and art collections"

2016, May   Roeland Kollewijn MRICS of Vasaris Srl has participated in the round table talks organized by AIPB (Italian Association of Private Banking) at Open Care in Milan. Kollewijn, in particular, commented on various aspects and tendencies of the Old Master Paintings market, and the projection of these in the long term shape of a collection that may be passed over to the next generation.

Sole 24 Ore, Article by Marilena Pirrelli. Vasaris on valuation problems.

2016, May   Article IlSole24Ore: "The economical valuation of an art work is the real critical point"

In an in-depth article in the Art-market section of the important business journal Il Sole24Ore, Marilena Pirrelli tackles the importance of International Valuation Standards (IVS) and RICS valuation standards for works of art. The artistic heritage can be considered as a real economic asset, but it must be valued and managed in a professional and reliable manner. In the article the journalist of ilSole24Ore mentions and extensively quotes Lorenzo Bruschi and Roeland Kollewijn, both MRICS, of Vasaris Srl.

Allianz Fine Art

2016   Vasaris participates to the Allianz Workshop at the Milan Triennale.

Lorenzo Bruschi and Roeland Kollewijn of Vasaris Srl were invited as speakers to the event organized by Allianz, which was held at the Milan Triennale. The two experts spoke of the "Economic valuation of works of art", illustrating various operating modes, the advantages of professional assessments and critical issues of the art sector. They also pointed to the importance of the correct implementation of art insurance as a tool to strengthen the relation with the clients, and as a strategy to improve business getting for the other insurance products.

The valuation of works of art according to global standards

2016   Roeland Kollewijn and Lorenzo Bruschi presented the RICS Art & Antiques valuation standards on the premises of Unione Fiduciaria in Milan. They explained the RICS guidelines and international standards as applied to the Art & Antiques. They illustrated the benefits of certified RICS Art valuations standards to the financial sector, insurance and real estate.

Vasaris at RICS London Art & Antiques global work group

2016   Vasaris Senior Expert Roeland Kollewijn MRICS has been appointed member of the London RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ) Global Art and Antiques workgroup. We have particular attention for improvements of reporting standards for Artworks on the balance sheet (IAS/IFRS) and for internationally accepted insurance assessment standards for institutional and private clients.

Vasaris for AIPB Italian Private Bankers Association

2015   Roeland Kollewijn wrote a in-depth article about 'Investment in antiques'inL’Art Advisory nel Private Banking, opportunità e rischi dell’investimento in arte, edited by Mariacristina Ragazzoni and Bruno Zanaboni Milan 2015 , p185-190. The book is published by the AIPB (Associazione Italiana Private Banking)

A collection to be valued

2015   In the article by Marilena Pirrelli appeared in "Il Sole 24 Ore" on Saturday, December 12, 2015, the journalist analyzed the corporate collection of Banca Popolare di Milano and cited Vasaris as editor of the valuation of the Bank assets. "... The revaluation for insurance coverage was carried out during 2015 by the company Vasaris Srl".

Vasaris at the Lloyd's Conference

2015   On October 29, Vasaris has participated at the annual Lloyd's Italy Conference, organised for professionals from the insurance world. Vasaris is the first company specialising in art valuation and art advisory, to have been presented at this important event. Apart from promoting Vasaris' services, this was also particulary useful to underscore the growing importance of art insurance.  Especially for Agreed Value contracts, the reliable certification of the values by an independent and professional third party improves the quality of the product.  

Within the stand of Vasaris one could admire two vary rare and important wooden sculptures of Lombard Renaissance attributed to Giacomo del Maino and his son Giovanni Angelo.

Vasaris for Arteconomy24

2015   During the last Furniture and Old Master Paintings auction of Farsetti (Prato, Italy)  October 30 2015, a wooden sculpture has created an interesting auction competition: it was a "sleeper"See article 

Vasaris for il Sole24Ore, october 2015

2015   For the Art Economy Edition of Sole 24 Ore online Vasaris has curated the preview of the autumn auction of Old Masters Paintings in London: see article

Vasaris for AIFO (Italian Association of Family Officers)

2015   On the occasion of the masterclasses organised by the Academy for Family Officers  (AIFO)  in Milan in September 2015, Vasaris has curated the lessons on the topic "Art as an asset class".
Roeland KollewijnVasaris, gave a overview with a critical analysis of various aspects of the investment in artwithin a special focus on the management of family assets.

Vasaris for 'Art&Law'

2015 Vasaris for the Newsletter ART&LAW 6/2015, Negri-Clementi studio legale associato, edited by Gianfranco Negri-Clementi e Silvia Stabile:

Art & Law, Studio Negri Clementi

Vasaris for AIFO

2015   During the workshop organised by Associazione Italiana Family Officer (AIFO - Italian Family Officer Association) Academy for Family Officers on 22 June 2015, Vasaris was invited to talk on the subject ‘Protecting the value of the family artistic heritage - from valuation to the creation of sustainable value’. The main points discussed by Roeland Kollewijn during the workshop were ‘Risk management in an artistic heritage’ and ‘The evolution of the valuation criteria of works of art’.

Further information

Vasaris for Lloyd's

2015   On 11 June 2015, Vasaris was invited to present its valuation services to a group of British underwriters and Fine Arts Loss Adjusters from the most important insurance syndicate in the world, who had come specifically to get to know the Italian art insurance market and its players. Vasaris was invited as an independent Italian art valuation company. The speakers included Lorenzo Bruschi and Roeland Kollewijn.


Vasaris: Evaluate for Valuing

2015   During the RICS Italia Conference held at the Triennale di Milano on 9 April 2015, the Arts and Antiques section presented an innovative and ambitious project studying the valuation criteria of works of art in public hands. This project aims at developing new methods of valuation, taking account of the important aspects which go beyond the mere ‘market value’ of works of art.

The project is supported by the Vasaris experts, who are members of RICS (MRICS).

Vasaris is the first Italian artistic heritage valuation company to honour these important international standards. 

The valuations of works of art carried out by the Vasaris team respond to the growing demand for quality and professionalism required by the market which demands increasingly higher standards for estimates of works of art.

Vasaris for XL Insurance-ANRA

2012   Vasaris Srl was invited to the XL annual insurance workshop, held at the Palazzo delle Stelline, in Milan. Art Valuations and their various related aspects were discussed in the talk given by Lorenzo Bruschi, with analysis of various valuation methods and the rules of ‘due diligence’ to observe.

Vasaris for IO-Broker

2010   During the IO-Broker - Milan evenings on art, ‘L'Arte si fa incontro’ (Art meetings), Lorenzo Bruschi and Roeland Kollewijn of Vasaris were key speakers.

March 2010

VALUATIONS AND THE ART MARKET (Lorenzo Bruschi, Vasaris)

Who are the specialists in that art sector  and how do they work. The purposes and fundamental elements of valuations. Advice on purchases - features and elements which make the work a good purchase.

15 April 2010
Quality IN ART (Roeland Kollewijn, Vasaris)

Essential elements that make a work of art a masterpiece. Objective and subjective, cultural and time-line features that influence aesthetic judgement in the field of art.

Vasaris for Banca Aletti

2008   Training courses for the Private network of Banca Aletti on the subject ‘The art market, sectors, rules and dynamics’. The speakers included Lorenzo Bruschi and Roeland Kollewijn.