Informal reports and art valuations

Perhaps you don’t need a full written essay on a work of art, or a group of artworks. In some occasions the client just needs a quick assessment on what a particular item may be worth. To know if a restoration of a painting would be worth while or if you’d rather keep it hanging as it did before. Or whether you should haggle over the price of some object, or instead gladly accept the offer you received. To know if some item should be kept aside and dealt with separately before bringing inherited artworks to the auctioneer.

In such cases you need someone who knows, to tell you what he knows, and then you can decide.

Such informal but professional check-ups cost € 200 for the time we can reasonably employ on an informal, but concrete and workable advice regarding a not too overwhelmingly vast amount of artworks. Otherwise we calculate it per hour after a cost estimate. We give our opinion either in front of the very objects, or on the basis of the photo’s you send us. On limited amounts of objects we can also respond by email, with a disclaimer that the valuation is informal and provisional and conducted on the basis of photographs only.

This is done only after we explicitly agreed to solve the question this way. Any proposal or cost estimate is, of course, free of charge.

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