Art advisory

For many years, Vasari’s' specialists have been working with and for banks, institutions, business companies, lawyers, notaries and various private clients solving value-related issues concerning works of art from different periods.

We have valued artworks for all kinds of purposes, often for insurance or inheritance divisions but also to apply the IAS guidelines on accounting standards, for restoration, exhibitions, buying or selling, to secure a loan, transport or for inventories, and at times because clients request further information.

We advise on the buying and selling of artworks, we counsel on private treaty or the contact with dealers, we assist in dealings with auctions houses, indicating the best venue for the sale of a particular work of art or how high, or low, you should bid to obtain the item for the right price.

We solve attribution- and authentication issues, we carry out research in archives and libraries (and our own library) and quote ‘fair value', retail prices, replacement value and the market value. We state what we do, why and how we do it each time so the client receives a tailored service and can follow every step we take.

The cost is calculated beforehand. We work on a time basis, not on a value related fee. This ensures an independent and fair valuation.

Our specialists bring decades of experience to the art market; therefore, we move quickly but in an accurate and rational way.