Sales consultancy

A professional consultant helps to ensure that the vendor achieves a fair transaction at the best possible price.

Every item gets a brief report underlining its unique qualities. We check attributions, propose new ones, research and update the literature. We examine the condition and other information on the items is weighed up in the description and their final valuation.

An accurate analysis of the key features of the artwork helps to identify its strong points, useful in accessing the right price, choosing the right market and the most advantageous sales method for it.

The cost of this service is usually easily recovered through the increased performance of the item in the market. If we don’t believe it to be worthwhile because the increase in market value would be lower than the expense, we would always advise you beforehand.  

This service is free of charge when the property is put at auction. Vasaris advises as to the most appropriate auction house, specialist department or market place, often placing various objects with various auction houses. This improves the performance and the revenues. Vasaris gets an introductory commission (I.C.) of 4% from the auction houses. This does not increase the sellers commission in any way so the owner has only the advantages without any cost. Vasaris, working on a commission from the auction house, is interested, with the owners, to achieve the highest possible result. Furthermore, though the owner has direct contracts with the auction houses, Vasaris coordinates the whole process and this simplifies the communication and related problems for the vendors.