Auction consultancy, buying and selling

Buying works of art or furniture at a public auction often guarantees several advantages to the buyer but a positive outcome should always be preceded by careful analysis that takes all the factors into account.

The examination of an artwork and its provenance are just two important aspects of that make up the sale process. Other pre-auction factors include the correct valuation of the work taking into account elements such as the exact physical condition, the attribution, subject and sales history of this item or other similar items. Therefore, it is essential to carefully weigh up and examine all the relevant factors.

The ability to read the description of an object carefully, evaluate its state of conservation accurately and know its real market value are all fundamental stages in the buying process. Occasionally, the auction estimate in the catalogue does not actually reflect the object’s real market value but is often part of the selling strategy. We can guide you through the whole process and come to a conclusion.

Once all the relevant information has been gathered, a decision is taken whether to bid for the object or not, and if so how high, or low. 

If you are considering selling through auction, we can advise you on the bestselling strategy, providing realistic auction quotes that are useful when you deal with an auction house. At times, we may advise spreading a property over various auction houses, using the strength of a particular company, department or selling location to maximise the final result.

Fees for such services may be very low or even at zero cost as we are able obtain a small commission from the auction houses on the final sale-result of the property we bring in. This does not increase the seller’s commission so we are a cost-factor to the auction house, not to you. Moreover, it’s also in our interest to increase the sale.